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Apple sauce (Read 1766 times)
Sep 7th, 2015 at 12:27am

verht   Offline
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The Netherlands, Netherlands

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In the Netherlands it's known as "appelmoes" and famous in many ways : Apple sauce .
In restaurants the (very) small children often ate chicken, fries and applesauce. A hotel/restaurant (van der valk) became know for it to serve with every dinner, topped with a cherry. (There goes a story the cherry had a special purpose : If it was still there at the end of the diner, it was not touched you you could serve it again).

Peel the apples,
Remove the core
Cut in pieces
Put them in a DO
Pour in a little water
Add a spoon sugar (or more/less to your liking)
Boil slowly until is has became a sauce. (boil little shorter if you like it to be a little coarse)
Add raisins and/or cinnamon to your liking and server hot or cold.

As you see, there are many ways to vary

(Pictures not using the DO, but at least the are apples from my tree)






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Reply #1 - Sep 7th, 2015 at 7:28am

TBF   Offline
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JOYNER, SEQ, Queensland, Australia

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Reply #2 - Sep 7th, 2015 at 3:32pm

Little_Kopit   Offline
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Other method(s)

Peeling removes vitamins and colour.

Core apples and make sure you take blossom parts and stem too.

Never mind cutting into sections.  Put apples in large container, CO or stove top pot, add water.  Simmer until soft, checking and stirring now and again.

Put softened apples through sieve to remove any seeds and peel.  Add sweetener (prefer honey), cinnamon and other desired goodies.  Put in containers and freeze in deep freeze.  Remove, thaw and enjoy as desired.

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